We are a Division II (2010 Division III Champions) summer swim team competing in the Lancaster County Summer Swim League. Our season begins in late May and is a great opportunity for summer fun and competition! Open to any swimmer under 18 who can swim the length of the pool!  We practice at the Hempfield Rec Center.


  • Email newsletters go out at least weekly with information regarding the upcoming week: meet locations and directions, volunteer duties, etc.
  • Swimmers – Here are some guidelines to make the swim meet experience a fun one for you, your teammates, and even your opponents. Your behavior is a reflection on the entire team AND your coaches. Make your parents and Coaches proud!
    • Be on time.
    • Sit with your team in the “team area.”
    • Don’t be missing in action when your event is called. If you’re not there at the start of the race, it will go on without you.
    • Cheer for your teammates!
    • During your event, try to remember to not jump out of the pool until every swimmer finishes. Congratulate the person in the lane next to you on a good swim. Without them, swimming would not be nearly as exciting.
    • Also be sure to thank the timers for your lane. Without their volunteer time, this meet and your race would not be possible.
    • Stay positive – even it it wasn’t your best race.
    • Clean up ALL of your mess. Leave your area just as you found it. Throw away your empty bottles and wrappers. If your teammates leave a mess, help them pick it up!
    • Do NOT leave the meet before checking in with your Coach.
    • Most important – HAVE FUN!!!

PRACTICE INFORMATION – Swimmers do not need to wear their team suit for practice. Daily practices begin PROMPTLY at 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. PLEASE BE ON THE DECK READY TO SWIM AT THE TOP OF THE HOUR. It is a good idea to plan to arrive 10 minutes early so that you can be on deck on time.

MEET INFORMATION – A Dual Meet is between the Hempfield Stingrays and one other team. No entry fee is required for either swimmers or attendees.  Away Dual Meets are held rain or shine, except for thunderstorms.  Home Dual Meets will be held indoors regardless of weather.  All dual meets will begin at 6:00 p.m., with warm-ups at 5:15 for the home meets and 5:30 for away meets.  Meets usually last 2 ½ to 3 hours.  All swimmers are encouraged to stay for the entire meet.  IF YOU MUST LEAVE BEFORE THE END OF THE MEET, PLEASE SEE A COACH FIRST SO WE KNOW YOU ARE LEAVING.

“Packing” for a Dual Meet – extra towels, water bottle, extra “warm-ups,” books and other quiet activities, playing cards, healthy snacks, two pairs of goggles, flip flops or crocs, and a blanket.  Please put swimmer’s name on all items.  The pool area is usually very warm. Therefore, you need to make sure you dress appropriately. Nothing is worse than being hot at a swim meet. It makes the time pass very slowly!  Also, feel free to bring folding chairs to sit on.

Parent volunteers are very important to the Stingrays.  In order to run the meets we require that each family signs up for at least six volunteer slots this season. Please click here to view the online sign up sheet.

INVITATIONAL MEETS – An invitational meet is one attended by many teams, to which our team was invited to participate.  Invitational Meets are optional for Stingray swimmers, but tend to be a lot of fun for them.  There is a fee per entry, which we must pay at least a week ahead of time.  Each family will be responsible for individual events, the team will pay for relays.  The cost is approximately $4 per individual event.
These meets are fundraisers for the host team.  They are APPROXIMATELY 4-6 hours in length, starting early morning.  There is usually an admission fee of $5 for spectators.  There is also usually an additional cost for a heat sheet.  There is usually a concession stand and opportunities to buy suits, caps and goggles and various other items.
It is recommended that swimmers and spectators bring things to do as they wait for their events: healthy snacks and drinks, chairs to sit on, blankets, towels.  If the weather is chilly, it is helpful to bring several bathing suits and warm ups. That way, swimmers’ can change out of wet suits after events while waiting for their next event in order to stay warm.  All events are “live” at invitational meets.