If you have a 10 and under Swimmer and will be at Time Trials this Saturday.   There will be a quick Timing Meeting at the Bulletin Board Thursday and Friday at the beginning of practice.  We have new watches and we need timers ready for Saturday Morning.

I will also  a need a parent to be our head timer for time trials.  The coaches will be too busy with all your kiddos to manage timing and make sure the kids are getting to the right lanes at the right time.  I  will not be available as Saturday is my Brady’s last Lacrosse game of the year.  This is a very easy job.  It is just making sure we have a timer in the lanes assigned to us and making sure the watches get back to Coach Brittany at the end.  We could be in two lanes.  Brittany will have the watches and she will tell you which lanes.   Any parent of a 10 and under swimmer can time.   Timers will rotate which gives many parents a chance a to use the watches and time.  This is normally a short event.  Under two hours.

Thank You so much and see you at practice!

Nicci Pawelczyk

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