Last Home Meet July 9!

Last Home Meet July 9!



Please, Please, Please READ THE ENTIRE POST!!!

Snack Bar Items:  

We do not need chips!  If you signed up to bring chips, you are off the hook! (Tsang and Willig)

We do not need water as we have plenty left from the first home meets.  (Hess, Philhart, Wenger)

We NEED one case of 50 snack size Dorito bags.  Please let me know if you can bring this and I will sign you up.  First come, first served, so don’t come at me all at once.

If you signed up to bring Blow Pops (Roth and Goerner), you are also off the hook (We picked up vast quantities of Blow-pop remains from the pool deck and still got a “talking to” about gum found on the pool deck the day after the first home meet, although we all know that it was the Manheim swimmers that could not keep the gum in their mouths and not our beloved Stingrays).  We will give out the leftover Blow Pops in some way to the kids when there is no danger of them expelling it onto the pool deck at the Rec.

Finally, we could use some more fruit for the meet!  Thanks….

Volunteer Postitions STILL NEEDED:

TWO People needed to assist in parking lot at 4:45 p.m.

ONE 1st half runner

ONE 2nd half runner

One 1st half Back-up Timer (or one for free and one for back)

One 2nd half Back-up Timer





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