Meet information

Meet information

Congratulations to our swimmers and coaches for pulling off a wonderful win at our first meet of the season! 

Also, a HUGE thanks to parents for their patience and willingness to step up and help when needed.  I will be asking (begging?) for additional help later in this post, so please keep reading to the end….

By way of explanation, we think that this meet went later than expected for several reasons:

  • Both Manheim and Hempfield have particularly large teams which resulted in extra exhibition heats;
  • New league rules permit Exhibitions A to E (or 5 Exhibition Heats).  The visiting team submitted lineups last night containing Exhibitions F and G.  Adjustments needed to be made to fix this after the meet was already underway;
  • The Lancaster County Summer Swim League has switched to a new scoring paperwork this year, which caused some growing pains for the coaches and scorers;
  • There were some errors/omissions/problems on some of the heat sheets which caused us to have to check heats to ensure the correct swimmers were swimming in each heat.

Hopefully, Thursday’s meet will run more smoothly.

To that end, we are adding some volunteer positions for ALL THE REMAINING HOME MEETS.  

Please, please, please consider signing up for another volunteer slot to help the meets run smoother.  

FIRST – we need an additional runner for the first and second half – this is the person that assists in getting the heat sheet from the scoring table and getting times from each lane after each heat and also cuts the heat sheets in half to allow us to get the times quicker and to provide another warm body to assist in running the meet.  It is a fun job and can be learned very quickly and will help the meet run faster.  If you are interested, or even just kind of willing, you may sign up on or shoot me an email and I will make you in – Rachel @  You can also call me – 717-285-4441 or see me at practice on Thursday.

SECOND – we are adding an additional slot for another scorer at the table – basically to average scores on a calculator for the scorers.  If you can use a calculator and don’t mind sitting and calculating, please consider signing up for this position – again via or by contacting me.

As a reminder,if you are signed up up to work as a runner or timer for the second half of the meets, please be on the deck ready to time or at the scoring table ready to work when the Open Girls are swimming backstroke.  This will ensure that we can get the second half started quickly and efficiently.

Finally, the snack bar was a resounding success!  Thanks to Randy and Carrie and crew!

We ran out of drinks so anyone willing to pick up an extra case of water or soda or sports drink can feel free to drop off to the concessions people on Thursday.  It would be greatly appreciated.  

Also, we need another crockpot of taco meat as the walking tacos were a BIG HIT!

Could also use more baked goods if anyone wants to play Cake Boss on Thursday afternoon and whip up some delicacies.



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