Registration is Open

Registration is Open

I was able to get things finalized a bit earlier that expected, so I figured there was no reason not to open registration early.  Below is the link to the registration page:

Register Here

You will notice that there are several spots to order t-shirts, sweatshirts and shorts.  There is no difference between the three tshirts (same with the sweatshirts and shorts), the system just doesn’t have a cleaner way to order multiple sizes at the same time, so I added additional spots in case you wanted to order multiple sizes.

If you register and get to the Swim Portal, you will see that there are volunteer opportunities available to sign up for.  For some reaseon they are splitting up over two days, the jobs are all on the day of the meet.  Active is fixing this as we speak, so it may already be fixed by the time you see it.  I have not added concessions yet, the signup for that will be added within the next week or so.

Again, please bear with any bugs and let me know as soon as possible if you have a problem.  Please pass tis information on to anyone who might be interested in registering (even if they were on the team last year, some people don’t see the blog posts).