Spirit Week!!!

Spirit Week!!!


Spirit and social activities are a major part of swim team memories. The purpose of this week is to create enthusiasm, improve relations and instill team spirit in our swimmers. Parents, please encourage your swimmers to get involved.

MONDAY JULY 15th MOUSTACHE MONDAY (your pseudo stash can be drawn in or stuck on, thick or thin…but to win, it must be on your face)
TUESDAY JULY 16th TEAM SPIRIT/TWIN TUESDAY (Wear your Hempfield red and black, bring along your plush stingrays, and grab your swim buddy or BFF in a look-a-like challenge that will have the judges seeing double).
WEDNESDAY JULY 17th FAKE AN INJURY (back by popular demand from last year…get out those old crutches or borrow grandma’s walker; be ready with a one- sentence “story” for the group as to how your “accident” supposedly happened).
THURSDAY JULY 18th THRIFT SHOP THURSDAY (pop some tags, or ask your grandpa for his hand-me-downs….will you choose to rock that wolf on your noggin?)
FRIDAY JULY 19th FRIDAY’S A SNOW DAY! (Wear your warmest gear! We can’t wait to see the front desk’s faces when you walk in ready for the summer blizzard!)


*Look for pictures by the bulletin board area posted from this week’s fun!*

*last Friday for SPIRIT STICKS!*

* put a special note or treat in your swim buddy’s mailbox this week as a surprise!*

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