Volunteer Sign-Up

Volunteer Sign-Up

The volunteer sign up list is up and ready to go at: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/dual14.  WOW!!! Thank YOU to all who have already signed up!!

As you may be aware, there has been a slight change to the volunteer structure this year.  All families will be required to:

  1. Work TWO volunteer positions at Dual Meets. (The DUAL MEET volunteer list is at the sign-up genius link)
  2. AND work one volunteer position at the Black Knight Invitational (if your child is participating). The sign-up for the Black Knight will be at Registration on May 5, and at practices once they begin, or email Kathy Williams at kathleenwilliams53@msn.com for available positions.
  3. AND make a donation of two 12-packs of brand name soda (or one case of water) Bring your soda or water donation the 1st week of practice.
  4. AND make two food donations for home meets. The sign-up for food donations for home meets will be up and running soon at sign-up genius. We will keep you posted.

If you have not signed up to fulfill your volunteer obligations prior to the end of the 1st week of practice, your child will not be permitted to practice.  In lieu of the fulfillment of these obligations, you may elect to pay a one time opt out fee of $100.  (Give to Larisa or Rachel).  We are not trying to be meanies this year, but had a shortage of both manpower and food last year.  Thank you for your understanding and we are all so excited for another wonderful season with the Stingrays!

There are many volunteer positions with NO LEARNING CURVE – Timing is fun and easy and gives you a front row view of the action. If you can work a stopwatch, you can time. Trust us! Snack Bar is also an easy job which has the bonus of getting you outside and away from the heat inside the pool area. We are always willing to train ANYONE in ANY POSITION. Just ask any of the officers or board members (Rachel, Larisa, Kathy, Jen Bennett, Russ Glass, Nicci P, Tina Bowman, Bob or Lisa Sempsey, etc.)

We are also in need of parents to step up and help run the team next year. There will be several officer and board vacancies in 2013.  PLEASE CONSIDER helping out in 2013.  The “old” parents will still be around to help out and assist as needed, but really want to turn the reins over to some of the newer parents.

Email with questions, concerns, etc.

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