It’s that time in our swim season where we announce who your swim team BUDDY is for the summer! Oldest swimmers have been paired up with younger or new swimmers since our seasoned swimmers already know how the buddy system works (see attachment). Mostly everyone has only ONE buddy, but a few swimmers have a buddy trio.  Below is a link to the list of Buddies, each buddy group is on the same line of the list.

Swim Buddies 2013

Please reach out to your buddy/buddies as soon as you can, with everyone getting in touch at least once in some way by Friday, June 14th. This doesn’t need to be anything more than introducing yourself to the other person, or slipping a note (or photo) into your buddy’s swim mailboxes which are poolside under the team bulletin board. Older swimmers are encouraged to take the lead. Coaches and volunteers will always help point someone out to you!

The goal of being a swim “buddy” is to encourage the other person during the season in as many ways as you can. This should include cheering them on at the end of the pool during each swim meet you attend!   So many younger swimmers look up to their older buddies! And, being a buddy is more than passing candy back and forth at a meet, it isn’t about what you buy the other person at all; it’s about the relationship established and the team spirit shared.

Spiriting Ideas:

*Remember your buddy’s summer birthday by making a card! (See spreadsheet)

* use a sharpie and write something clever on the back of your buddy’s hand at a meet!

* use the pool mailboxes to leave a photo you took from the last meet, or leave a non-melting surprise!

* does your buddy drive? Sneak away and decorate their car windows with window markers!


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