Brandon Swim!

Brandon Swim!

3rd Annual Swim for Brandon

Wednesday, July 10th 2013

12’s, 14’s and Open’s ~ 8:00am-9:00am

8’s and 10’s ~ 9:00am-10:00am.

The 2013 Funds raised will be given to Lancaster Aquatics Club (LAC) Head Coach Casey Coble to help support his battle with Cancer.

Remembering Brandon Lehr 11/7/1988 – 1/9/2011

Brandon Lehr Memorial and Life Celebration Fund

Brandon was one of our favorites… He was a great Hempfield Stingrays Head Swim Coach, swimmer and person.  He loved the water and summer the swimming community.  He gave so much more than time to the kids.  He was a leader and role model.  We take this time each year to teach our swimmers a little bit about what swimming was for Brandon.  He left an impression on those who knew him that will last a lifetime.

“Swimming for Brandon:”

  • It is about the courage of trying something that may not be easy for you
  • It is about being part of a team and family other than your own
  • It is about being the best team mate you can be
  • It is about cheering for your teammates
  • It is about doing your best
  • It is about good sportsmanship
  • It is about learning to win and lose graciously
  • And above all it is about having fun

With the generosity of the Lehr family the Stingrays were given memorial fund in honor of Brandon.  Each year we have been able to sponsor several swimmers who without this fund would not be able to swim.  The fund is available to purchase items the team cannot afford but yet needs.

While attending Penn State Brandon become involved with the THON movement to help children with Cancer.  As team we give back to the fund each year through this swim as well as make a donation in honor of Brandon to the THON movement.  He was truly one of a kind and a blessing to us.

All 2013 raised funds will be given to LAC’s Head Coach Casey Coble who has been battling Leukemia.  For more information on Casey Coble a great Lancaster County Swimmer and Head Coach please see LAC’s website ~

Celebrate Coach Brandon Lehr

& Support LAC’s Coach Casey Coble’s fight against Cancer!!!

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