We are so grateful for our parent volunteers!  There will be an opportunity to sign up to volunteer in advance of every swim meet.  Volunteer requirements are set after registration is complete.  The number of volunteer opportunities is impacted by the number of families registered (more families registered results in fewer volunteer requirements).  There are approximately 300 volunteer opportunities this season and we have about 50 families registered; if you didn’t pay the “volunteer opt out fee,” please be sure to sign up for at least 6 volunteer slots.

Here is a link to our volunteer sign up: 2021 Volunteer Sign Up

We will need volunteers for our home and away swim meets.  All families will need to help volunteer at our home swim meets (6/29, 7/15, and 7/20). We need to provide volunteers (timers and judges) for each half  of every dual swim meet.  At a home meet, we will also have volunteer opportunities for set-up, clean-up, to direct parking, as well as other jobs (i.e. scoring, ribbons/awards, candy/water sales, providing water for timers and officials).  

We also are required to provide timers and judges for invitational and championship meets.  If you’ve signed up in advance to volunteer at an invitational or championship meet, let the person working the admissions table know that you are a volunteer and your admission fees are typically waived at these meets.  

For new swim families, timing is a great opportunity to learn more about how a swim meet works and you are nearby to cheer on your swimmer.   If you have younger children with you, volunteering at our water/candy sales table, assisting with ribbons, donations for our sales table, or transporting/storing items from the sales table are good volunteer opportunities (jobs in the pool area would be difficult to complete while watching younger children). If your volunteer job is outside of the pool area, please be sure to step away and watch your swimmers when it’s their turn to race (take turns with your co-volunteer and be sure to go to the pool area to watch your swimmer).

Volunteer roles that we are really in need of are “Stroke and Turn Judges” and “Finish Judges.”  Attending the Stroke and Turn Clinic on Sunday, June 6th at 6:00 p.m. has never been easier!  This year, the Stroke and Turn Clinic will be held via Zoom.  The link will be posted here:

More information about the Stroke and Turn Clinic:  There are a few “judge” volunteers that our team needs to provide at home and away meets.  “Stroke and Turn Judges” ensure that the rules relating to the style of swimming designated for the event are being observed.  “Finish judges” identify which order swimmers finish, and that swimmers finish using the correct style (i.e. backstroke swimmers must finish on their back).  If swim team isn’t brand new to your family, please consider attending this event and volunteering in this role.

2021 Volunteer Sign Up

Time Trials (5/28) and Sub Distribution(6/3) Sign Up